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If you use a Mac computer, you should download Boycott advance. Just type it on yahoo or google.

If you use a Windows, you can still use Boycott advance or type: Free gameboy emulator download.


In pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you can catch Red Gyarados in the lake of rage. Before entering the lake of rage, save the game. This is because you only have one chance of catching it. Right after catching it, you need to fight the team rocket in team rocket HQ in Mahogany town. But after catching the Red Gyarados, you can get the red scale. I recommend you to use a good pokeball, either a dive ball or a ultra ball. Because this is your only chance! Well, unless, you catch a shiny Magikarp and evolve it.

The only place you can actually find Politoed as a wild pokemon is in the pond of pal park.

The other ways to find Politoed is to evolve it from Poliwhirl, by giving Poliwhirl the king’s rock and trading it to another game.

But you can always catch a Poliwag and evolve it to a Poliwhirl, and then, evolve it into a Politoed.

If you want to catch poliwag, go to this website to find out where it is located:émon)#Game_locations

10. Dusk Ball

This pokeball makes the trainer easier to catch the pokemon at night. This pokeball is the perfect ball for pokemon who roam at night.

9. Heavy ball

This black, white and blue pokeball easily catches large-sized pokemon.

8. Safari ball

This army-coloured pokeball is used in safari zones and notice that you can catch pokemon without doing any affect too it?

7. Friend ball

When the pokemon is caught with this pokeball, the pokemon will get friendlier to you. Despite the fact that it was just caught by a stranger!

6. Dive ball

This pokeball captures pokemon easily while you are surfing, diving or fishing.

5. Repeat ball

Let’s say that you caught a zigzagoon already and you spot another one with a higher level. You really want to catch it, but you already have one. That’s ok! you can use the repeat ball that will catch pokemon that is the same breed as another pokemon you already have.

4. Lure ball

This pokeball helps you catch a pokemon easily, when the pokemon is fished out with a rod.

3. Great ball

This pokeball can easily catch a pokemon, more likely to do so than a pokeball.

2. Ultra ball

This pokeball enables you to catch powerful pokemon, more likely to do so than a great ball.

1. Master ball

This amazing pokeball catches any pokemon at any time at any level, no matter what.

The only way that you can find a Gliscor is to evolve it from Gligar.

But you can find Gligar in Gold (not in Silver), Crystal, Emerald, colosseum, XD, Diamond, Pearl, Heart Gold (not in Soul Silver), pal park and platinum.

In Gold and Crystal version, you can find Gligar at route 45.

In Emerald, you can find it roaming in the grass in area 5.

In colosseum, you can find it in the under.

In XD, you can find it in Rock Poke spot.

In Diamond and Pearl versions, you can find Gligar in routes, 206, 207, 214, 215, and 227.

For platinum, you can find it in route 206.

In Heart Gold, you can find it in route 45.

In Pal Park, you can find it in the mountains.

To evolve Gligar, you need to let Gligar hold the Razor fang at night.

Locations to get the razor fang for Diamond and Pearl is in the battle tower, Battle park, or Route 214. (hidden in the grass patch)

For Heart Gold, you can find it in the battle frontier.

But to evolve Gligar, you need to play on Diamond, Pearl, Heart Gold, Soul Silver and Platinum.

In pokemon Gold, Silver, ruby, sapphire, leaf green, Fire red, Emerald and XD, you would have to trade from other pokemon versions.

In crystal version, you can find Celebi in the Ilex forest. But in order to capture it, you would need a GS ball.

In colosseum, you need to purify all shadow pokemon you have.

In diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you need to go to Pal park’s forest.

In Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Colosseum, XD, Diamond, Pearl and Emerald, you would have to trade mewtwo from another game version. For the rest, you would have to catch Mewtwo by yourself. Mewtwo came out since the first generation.

The best type of ball you should use to catch Mewtwo is either ultra ball, or if you did not use your master ball on Latios or Latias or any other legendary pokemon yet, and you caught all, then use it!

For Red, Blue, Yellow, leaf green, fire red, soul silver and Heart gold versions, you can find Mewtwo in the cerulean cave.

For Gold, silver and Crystal versions, you can catch Mewtwo with the time capsule.

Where can you capture Latias and Latios?

Latios and Latias only came out since the third generation of Pokemon.

In Ruby, Latios can be found roaming Hoenn. So that means you can find him in a certain time when you are in the same area as him. You can find Latias in the southern islands.

In Sapphire, Latios is in the southern islands and Latias is roaming Hoenn.

In fire red, leaf green, pokemon colosseum, Pokemon XD, Pearl, Diamond and Platinum, Latias and Latios does not appear so you have to trade latios or latias from a different version.

In Soul Silver, Latios is roaming Kanto and Latias is in Pewter city.

In Heart gold, Latios is in Pewter city while Latias roams Kanto.

There are five generations where new pokemon versions were revealed.

In the first generation of pokemon, Red and Green versions were revealed in Japan on February 27th, 1996. And in October 10th, 1996, Pokemon Blue version was revealed. In September 12th, 1998, Pokemon yellow version was revealed in Japan as an expansion of Red, Green and Blue versions.

In the second generation of pokemon, 100+ new Pokemon were revealed. Also new versions, Pokemon Silver and Gold were revealed on the 21st November, 1999. In Silver and Gold, new legendary pokemon were revealed, such as Ho-Oh, Lugia, Suicune, Entei, and so on. On December 14th, 2000, Crystal version was revealed.

In the third generation of pokemon, the game cartridges were specially made for a new device called the “Game boy advance” which was a slightly newer version of the old Game boy color. The games that were revealed were Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby versions, revealed on 21st November, 2002. It had new a lot of Pokemon. On 16th September, 2004, Emerald version was revealed as a expansion of ruby and sapphire.

In the forth generation, the 3D generation, games had to be played on a device called the “Nintendo DS”, a touch-screen game device. The versions, Pearl and Diamond, revealed on the 28th september, 2007, and an expansion, Platinum version revealed on 13th september, 2007, in Japan. After a while, on 12th september, 2009, Heart Gold and Soul Silver was revealed, as a newer version of silver and gold version, in Generation II.

The fifth generation pokemon was not revealed yet but Gamefreak, the pokemon developer, is thinking of making versions, Black and White. It will be revealed on 18th september, 2010 in Japan.