Category: Catching legendary pokemon

In pokemon Gold, Silver, ruby, sapphire, leaf green, Fire red, Emerald and XD, you would have to trade from other pokemon versions.

In crystal version, you can find Celebi in the Ilex forest. But in order to capture it, you would need a GS ball.

In colosseum, you need to purify all shadow pokemon you have.

In diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you need to go to Pal park’s forest.


In Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Colosseum, XD, Diamond, Pearl and Emerald, you would have to trade mewtwo from another game version. For the rest, you would have to catch Mewtwo by yourself. Mewtwo came out since the first generation.

The best type of ball you should use to catch Mewtwo is either ultra ball, or if you did not use your master ball on Latios or Latias or any other legendary pokemon yet, and you caught all, then use it!

For Red, Blue, Yellow, leaf green, fire red, soul silver and Heart gold versions, you can find Mewtwo in the cerulean cave.

For Gold, silver and Crystal versions, you can catch Mewtwo with the time capsule.

Where can you capture Latias and Latios?

Latios and Latias only came out since the third generation of Pokemon.

In Ruby, Latios can be found roaming Hoenn. So that means you can find him in a certain time when you are in the same area as him. You can find Latias in the southern islands.

In Sapphire, Latios is in the southern islands and Latias is roaming Hoenn.

In fire red, leaf green, pokemon colosseum, Pokemon XD, Pearl, Diamond and Platinum, Latias and Latios does not appear so you have to trade latios or latias from a different version.

In Soul Silver, Latios is roaming Kanto and Latias is in Pewter city.

In Heart gold, Latios is in Pewter city while Latias roams Kanto.