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In pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you can catch Red Gyarados in the lake of rage. Before entering the lake of rage, save the game. This is because you only have one chance of catching it. Right after catching it, you need to fight the team rocket in team rocket HQ in Mahogany town. But after catching the Red Gyarados, you can get the red scale. I recommend you to use a good pokeball, either a dive ball or a ultra ball. Because this is your only chance! Well, unless, you catch a shiny Magikarp and evolve it.


The only place you can actually find Politoed as a wild pokemon is in the pond of pal park.

The other ways to find Politoed is to evolve it from Poliwhirl, by giving Poliwhirl the king’s rock and trading it to another game.

But you can always catch a Poliwag and evolve it to a Poliwhirl, and then, evolve it into a Politoed.

If you want to catch poliwag, go to this website to find out where it is located:émon)#Game_locations

The only way that you can find a Gliscor is to evolve it from Gligar.

But you can find Gligar in Gold (not in Silver), Crystal, Emerald, colosseum, XD, Diamond, Pearl, Heart Gold (not in Soul Silver), pal park and platinum.

In Gold and Crystal version, you can find Gligar at route 45.

In Emerald, you can find it roaming in the grass in area 5.

In colosseum, you can find it in the under.

In XD, you can find it in Rock Poke spot.

In Diamond and Pearl versions, you can find Gligar in routes, 206, 207, 214, 215, and 227.

For platinum, you can find it in route 206.

In Heart Gold, you can find it in route 45.

In Pal Park, you can find it in the mountains.

To evolve Gligar, you need to let Gligar hold the Razor fang at night.

Locations to get the razor fang for Diamond and Pearl is in the battle tower, Battle park, or Route 214. (hidden in the grass patch)

For Heart Gold, you can find it in the battle frontier.

But to evolve Gligar, you need to play on Diamond, Pearl, Heart Gold, Soul Silver and Platinum.