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10. Dusk Ball

This pokeball makes the trainer easier to catch the pokemon at night. This pokeball is the perfect ball for pokemon who roam at night.

9. Heavy ball

This black, white and blue pokeball easily catches large-sized pokemon.

8. Safari ball

This army-coloured pokeball is used in safari zones and notice that you can catch pokemon without doing any affect too it?

7. Friend ball

When the pokemon is caught with this pokeball, the pokemon will get friendlier to you. Despite the fact that it was just caught by a stranger!

6. Dive ball

This pokeball captures pokemon easily while you are surfing, diving or fishing.

5. Repeat ball

Let’s say that you caught a zigzagoon already and you spot another one with a higher level. You really want to catch it, but you already have one. That’s ok! you can use the repeat ball that will catch pokemon that is the same breed as another pokemon you already have.

4. Lure ball

This pokeball helps you catch a pokemon easily, when the pokemon is fished out with a rod.

3. Great ball

This pokeball can easily catch a pokemon, more likely to do so than a pokeball.

2. Ultra ball

This pokeball enables you to catch powerful pokemon, more likely to do so than a great ball.

1. Master ball

This amazing pokeball catches any pokemon at any time at any level, no matter what.